Championing Whistleblowers: Your Voice Matters

Speaking out against wrongdoing in the workplace takes courage. Whether you’ve reported safety violations, harassment or other misconduct, your actions matter. However, facing retaliation for doing what’s right is unacceptable. As someone who believes in the power of whistleblowers, I’m here to protect your rights.

My name is Charles Goldstein. As the founder of Advocate at Work, I take pride in supporting brave individuals like you who take a stand as whistleblowers. With over 30 years of experience, I bring a thorough, knowledgeable and aggressive approach to your case. My commitment to being a ‘shark with a heart,’ means that I’ll tirelessly advocate for your rights in all types of employment law claims.

Understanding Whistleblower Protections

Making a complaint to a state or federal agency is crucial for whistleblowers. If you’ve reported issues such as safety violations or harassment and faced adverse actions like termination, then you may have a valid claim. Whistleblower laws protect you from retaliation for speaking up about misconduct.

Navigating Qui Tam Claims

Qui tam is a legal concept that empowers employees to expose fraud against the government. You may have a qui tam case if you’ve uncovered fraudulent practices involving federal funds. This unique form of whistleblower protection not only safeguards your rights but also allows you to be rewarded for your efforts.

Taking Action

As a whistleblower, you play a vital role in ensuring ethical behavior within your workplace. It’s important to understand your rights and protections as well as the avenues available for reporting misconduct. If you’ve experienced retaliation or are considering taking a stand, consulting an experienced attorney can provide the guidance you need.

Start With A Free Consultation

Empower yourself by standing up against wrongdoing. At Advocate at Work, I am here to provide you with the legal support necessary to protect your rights as a whistleblower. Call 952-353-5840 or visit this online contact page to make an appointment for a free consultation in my Minneapolis office. Together, let’s make sure your voice is heard.