Advocating For Your Right To Work In A Safe Workplace

Feeling unsafe or targeted at work due to harassment can take a toll on your well-being and career. Harassment goes beyond gender lines, affecting individuals from diverse backgrounds, orientations and identities. If you’re facing any form of harassment, remember that you have the right to perform your job in a respectful and secure workplace. With over 30 years of experience, I’m here to fight for your rights and put an end to harassment.

As the founder of Advocate at Work, I am an attorney who is committed to standing up against all forms of harassment. This atmosphere impacts everyone, regardless of gender or orientation. As a receptive, thorough and aggressive employee advocate, I’m dedicated to ensuring that you’re heard and respected and that your rights are upheld.

Understanding Harassment

Harassment isn’t confined to sexual advances alone. It’s pervasive and can target anyone. Harassment can manifest in subtle ways, such as microaggressions or isolation. It’s important to recognize the signs and know that you have the power to address it.

Seeking Remedies

Harassment cases are about more than just monetary compensation. You deserve a comprehensive remedy that addresses your needs holistically. This could include an apology, changes in supervision or management, and more thorough training. My flat-rate fee structure ensures that any financial recovery is fully yours, giving you the means to pursue justice without hesitation.

Empowerment Through Action

If you’re experiencing harassment, recognizing it is the first step toward reclaiming your workplace. Different types of harassment – whether verbal, physical or psychological – can have severe effects. If you’ve been a victim of harassment, don’t stay silent. Reach out for help, gather evidence and consult with a dedicated lawyer to explore your legal options.

Reach Out To Me

Located in Minneapolis, my firm, Advocate at Work, is here to provide support to you in an effort to put an end to harassment. I offer free consultations to empower you to take action without financial barriers. Reach out by calling 952-353-5840 or visiting my online contact page. Let’s work together to create a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace for you and your colleagues.