Minnesota Sexual Harassment Attorney

As a dedicated employment law attorney in Minnesota, I am committed to guiding you through the complexities of sexual harassment claims. At my firm, Advocate at Work, we understand how traumatic it can be to confront these situations and we are here to provide you with the legal support you need.

Experienced Legal Support In Minnesota

When facing sexual harassment at work, you need a legal ally who not only comprehends the
intricacies of state laws but also brings a wealth of courtroom and negotiation experience to the table. I thoroughly understand the relevant laws and regulations and have represented hundreds of individuals across Minnesota. I will use every available resource to uncover evidence of the harassment you have experienced and work to hold your employer accountable. I understand how difficult it can be to discuss painful memories of workplace harassment. I maintain a professional and welcoming environment in my office to help you feel comfortable. When you speak about your experience, I will listen carefully and with empathy. We will work together to seek justice for you and your family.

Understanding Sexual Harassment Laws

Sexual harassment encompasses a range of behaviors that can create an intimidating, hostile and
offensive work environment. Minnesota laws strictly prohibit such conduct. It is crucial to understand your rights and the legal standards that apply. Consulting with a sexual harassment attorney can empower you to navigate these laws effectively.

Recognizing Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can manifest in two basic forms. Quid pro quo harassment refers to cases in which a boss, manager, supervisor or even owner of the business offers a raise or other benefit in exchange for sexual ‘favors’ or else threatens to fire or punish you if you do not provide sex.

In the hostile work environment form of harassment, one or more co-workers or superiors might make comments such as sexually charged ‘jokes’, inappropriate emails, photos and remarks to make the victim feel as if it is impossible to do their jobs, with insufficient action taken by the employer to stop the harassment.

It’s essential to recognize the signs, such as unwelcome advances or comments, and to
understand that help is available. My firm is here to evaluate your potential case and to evaluate if there is illegal and actionable sexual harassment and support you through the process of addressing it.

Reporting And Remedying Sexual Harassment

If you’ve experienced sexual harassment, there are steps you can take. Reporting the behavior
internally and seeking help from HR or union representatives is often the first step. Be sure to have the assistance of any attorney from the very first step, which could be critical in making your case. Should you need to escalate your complaint, I can represent you through the process of filing charges with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights- two possible first steps to ensuring your voice is heard and your rights are protected.

You could be entitled to substantial compensation for lost past and future wages, emotional
distress and more. In some cases, financial compensation is not the correct or only solution. You
could also pursue alternative relief such as getting your job back (reinstatement) or an injunction against the company to stop harassing behavior there.

Contact Me For A Consultation On Sexual Harassment Law

If you’re experiencing sexual harassment at work, reach out to me. Let’s discuss how we can help
you stand up for your rights. Due to the statute of limitations on sexual harassment claims, your
time to take action could be limited.

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