Answers To Your Employment Law Questions

Navigating the intricate landscape of employment law can be a complex journey, with twists and turns that demand both experience and guidance. In a world where workplace dynamics and legalities often intertwine, having a seasoned advocate by your side becomes more than a choice – it’s a strategic advantage.

Why Choose My Firm?

My name is Charles Goldstein. As the founder of Advocate at Work, I have over three decades of experience and a commitment to helping you understand your options. In addition to my experience as a lawyer, I have a certification as a senior professional in human resources and a career coach. I am customer-centric and provide you with careful attention to your needs.

Here are answers to some of the employment law questions I receive most often.

Why should I hire an attorney if I Think I can Handle It Myself?

Because bad situations tend to get worse, you are well advised to meet with an attorney before you face an unjustified termination. Employment issues can escalate quickly, and you need someone with a broad perspective on your side who has the agility to move quickly rather than deal with the bureaucratic tangles of a multi-attorney firm. You need an action plan to protect your rights, something the human resources department is not equipped or designed to do.

What role does mediation play in resolving employment disputes?

Mediation offers a constructive alternative to litigation. As a trained mediator, I help to determine amicable resolutions. Mediation can save time and costs, allowing parties to collaborate on solutions that work for both sides while avoiding the adversarial nature of a trial.

How do the fees work?

I address one step at a time, each carefully outlined in a written agreement. Your fees are limited based on how you utilize my services and are based upon flat rates versus hourly fees.

How long does an employment law case typically take to resolve?

The timeline varies based on the complexity of the case and whether a resolution can be reached through negotiation or requires litigation. Some cases may be resolved in weeks, while others might take several months to even years. Rest assured, I aim to resolve your case efficiently while working to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

How do I know if my employment situation requires legal action?

If you believe that your workplace rights have been violated, then it’s advisable to consult with an experienced employment law attorney. Common signs include unfair treatment, harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and wage disputes. A consultation will help assess the merits of your case and determine the best course of action.

Where do I start?

You can start by calling me, and we can set up a free consultation. During our consultation, I will ask you about your situation and give you an overview of your legal options. I will be able to tell you if I think I can help you and what the next steps might be.

Free consultations are a great way to get help with your legal problems without paying anything upfront. They also allow you to meet with a lawyer to see if they are a good fit for you.

Ready To Navigate Your Employment Law Questions?

Whether you’re facing workplace challenges or seeking clarity on employment law matters, I’m here to provide the guidance you need. With over 30 years of experience as a dedicated advocate, I’m committed to addressing your concerns with a personalized approach. Let’s connect for a free consultation at our Minneapolis office. Contact me at 952-353-5840 or fill out this simple contact form to begin your journey toward resolution.