Navigating Trials And Appeals: Your Path To Resolution

Facing an employment dispute that may lead to a trial can be overwhelming. The emotional and financial toll can feel like a heavy burden, especially when seeking remedies to your important rights. As an attorney who understands the complexities of these situations, I’m here to guide you through appeals and trials, working to ensure that your rights are protected.

My name is Charles Goldstein, and I founded Advocate at Work so that I could be your partner in the journey through appeals and trials. With over 30 years of experience, I bring a thorough, knowledgeable and aggressive approach to your case. My commitment as a ‘shark with a heart,’ means that I’ll do everything in my power to secure a positive outcome for your employment law situation.

Seeking Alternatives To Trial

In employment cases, my goal is achieving resolution without the need for a trial. Trials are emotionally and financially draining, much like personal injury cases where the severity of the injury justifies the trial process. Alternative dispute resolution methods, such as direct negotiation with your employer, can often lead to satisfactory resolutions without the stress of a trial.

Understanding The Trade-Offs

Choosing to go to trial is a significant decision that comes with trade-offs. While a trial offers a chance to present your case to a judge and jury, it can also result in losing a substantial portion of potential damage awards and settlements. It’s essential to weigh the benefits against the potential risks before proceeding.

The Importance Of Preparation

If trial becomes a necessity, being well prepared is paramount. The pain and effort invested in the trial process can be worthwhile when your rights are upheld and justice is served. Preparation involves meticulously building your case, presenting evidence and ensuring that no detail goes overlooked.

Call My Firm

While trials are a last resort, being prepared is crucial. At Advocate at Work, I am a lawyer who is here to provide you with the legal support necessary to navigate appeals and trials. I offer free consultations to empower you to make informed decisions. Reach out by calling 952-353-5840 or explore my online contact page. Let’s work together to secure justice and protect your rights.